A British manufacturer, with a worldwide reputation for technological excellence, Denford Limited designs and manufactures CNC machines for the education/training market, and additionally supplies laser cutters and 3D printers.

Denford is proud founder and sponsor of the “F1 in Schools™ STEM Challenge” – the world’s largest and most exciting STEM-based educational project, which spans an age range of 9-19.

CNC Machines

For over 70 years Denford Limited has striven to bring together the very best CAD/CAM and CNC manufacturing solutions for education and training.

We design and manufacture a comprehensive range of CNC milling machines, lathes and routers – specifically designed for the education & training market – and these Denford products are a familiar feature in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and Engineering facilities throughout the world.


Denford’s range of software solutions covers all aspects of Design and Manufacture.

The range includes 2D Design and Manufacture software such as QuickCAM 2D Design and QuickTURN 2D Design and industry standard 3D Design Drafting and Simulation Software.

Products such as QuickCAM Pro are wizard based applications used to accept 3D stereo lithography files (STL) to create cutter paths for machining 3D parts on Denford’s Routers and Milling Machines.

Denford’s VR CNC Milling 5 CNC machine control software incorporates 2D DXF and DWG file import, as well as allowing import of Gerber PCB files from all major PCB design packages.


Denford’s range of Lasers allow you to transform images or drawings on your computer screen into real items made from a variety of materials. These lasers are ideal for cutting, deep engraving, precision scribing, decorative etching on wood, plastic, fabric, leather, paper, rubber and will also mark glass, ceramic, metal and stone.

3D Printers

Find the 3D Printer that’s right for you – whether it be for use in the home, in education, in the workshop or print studio.

Easy to use, robust, safe and reliable, the MakerBot range of 3D Printers provides users with the tools to create models or prototypes: from the new entry-level MakerBot Sketch Classroom to the MakerBot Method and Method X, which offer affordable, professional 3D printing to produce high quality concept models with feature detail, versatility and speed.

Visit our NEW Webshop to buy Makerbot Printers quickly and easily, along with associated reels of filament, consumables and spares.

Router Accessories

Denford offer a comprehensive selection of router accessories to enhance the features of their range of CNC Routers. These include a Floating Head for PCB manufacture, Vacuum Bed, Vacuum Pads and Dust Extraction options. An F1 in Schools Car Manufacturing Fixture is available, to enable the production of Formula 1 Class Cars.  Also on offer are the EasySCAN 3D Scanner and 4th Axis Programmable Rotary Fixture (complete with QuickCAM 4D Milling Software).

Project Equipment & Consumables

As Proud Founders and Sponsors of the F1 in Schools STEM Challenge, Denford is the official supplier of all F1 in Schools-related Design, Analyse, Make, Test and Race equipment.

The latest generation of F1 in Schools equipment, which has been designed and manufactured in the UK by Denford, includes a lightweight, portable Race Track and a Race Control System with clear display and data storage, along with an Air Trace Visualisation System. This equipment continues to be enhanced and developed to meet the technological demands of competing students. In addition, we offer a full range of consumables, including F1 Model Blocks, Wheels, Axles, Paint Stands and Power Packs.

Denford also supplies all equipment and consumables to support the new F1 in Schools Primary Class and the Denford Primary STEM Project.

Traditional CNC tooling and consumables have not been neglected, including all materials for your CNC and Laser output: Cast Acrylic Sheets, Wood, Foam and Aluminium, as well as high density Modelling Board and PCB Board.

Product Focus


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