These CNC Routers are ideal for cutting a range of resistant materials such as hard and soft wood, plastic, modelling foam, acrylic, prototyping material and non-ferrous metals.

The Router 6600 ATC is a high speed machine, complete with a built-in machine bench and offers a bigger working area – resulting in a larger machine capacity (table size 1080 x 640mm) at an exceptional price.

Watch the Router 6600 ATC video here. 


Mechanical Details

  Router 2600 ATC Router 6600 ATC
Machine Length 1200mm 1825mm
Machine Depth 765mm 985mm
Machine Height 675mm 1540mm
Length with Optional PC Arm 1910mm 2410mm
Height with Optional Base 1440mm -
Height with Door Open - 2110mm
Length with Optional Base 1325mm -
Machine Weight 150kg 430kg
Machine Weight with Opt. Base 255kg -
Table Size 700 x 430mm 1080 x 640mm
Beam Clearance 150mm 148mm
Max. Spindle Speed 24000rpm 24000rpm
Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting Yes Yes
Spindle Speed Control Yes Yes
Spindle Speed Override Yes Yes
Max. Feed Rate 5000mm/min 5000mm/min
Max. 3D Profiling 4500mm/min 4500mm/min
Mains Supply Requirements Single Phase Single Phase
Spindle Motor 0.9kW 0.9kW
Axes Motors Stepper Stepper
Volts 230VAC 230VAC
Amps 8 Amps 8 Amps
Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz
Electric Connection 13 A Socket 13 A Socket

Standard Equipment:

The Router 2600 ATC and Router 6600 ATC come as standard with:

• VR CNC Milling Operating Software (PC not included).

• QuickCAM 2D Design software (1 seat)

• 5 Station Automatic Tool Changer (5 SK11 Toolholders and 8 Collets) Requires compressed air, 8 bar.

• Aluminium T Slot Table.

• Outlet for Dust Extraction System.

• Workholding Clamps.

• Installation and Instruction Manuals.

• USB Connection.

In addition the Router 6600 ATC comes complete with Universal Machine Bench.

Optional Extras:

Optional extras include: Vacuum Bed, Vacuum Pads, F1 in Schools Car Manufacturing Fixture, 4th Axis Programmable Rotary Fixture, 3D Scanning Attachment, Dust Extraction Unit and Universal Machine Bench (Router 2600 ATC).

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