The F1 in Schools STEM Challenge stimulates a student’s interest in, and understanding of, the entire process of design and manufacture.

Through involvement in the F1 in Schools project, students will gain first hand experience of teamwork, and communication, whilst encouraging individual flair and confidence.

The F1 in Schools project provides students with the opportunity to reflect industrial working practice and developing of a product from concept to prototype, to production. View the video. 

Mechanical Details

Design Autodesk 3D Design, Drafting & Simulation Software
  QuickCAM Pro Advanced Milling/Routing CAM software (site licence)
Analyse Virtual Wind Tunnel (VWT) Software (single licence)
Make CNC Machine Options: Router 2600 / Router 2600 Pro (Metal Cutting), Compact 1000 Pro (Metal Cutting), MRC 40
  Car Manufacture Fitting: F1 in Schools Car Manufacturing Fixture for both Bloodhound SSC & Formula 1 Class Car
Test Scout Wind Tunnel
  Fog Maestro Smoke Generator including 1Ltr. Fog Fluid
Race Elevated race track - 25m track
  F1 Race System: x1 Start & Finish Gate, x2 Launch Triggers, x2 Launchers
  x 1 Power Supply, x1 Control Box
  8 Gram Competition Cartridges (pack of 120)

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