A Look behind the scenes at Denford 😀 https://t.co/1YVxbvggMO

Project of the week #6 GEOMETRY SET PART 3 60 DEGREE SET SQUARE https://t.co/P22d9XfpWe https://t.co/TvwU6ZUfhV

Do you want the chance to win a 3D printer?🤔 Visit the Denford Facebook page and leave a comment on the competitio… https://t.co/L9nUE8OvnK

Denford Project of the Week #5 GEOMETRY SET PART 2 45 DEGREE SET SQUARE https://t.co/vvWgNY1a6W https://t.co/3oWo8ZbLt0

What can you win? Jordan will let you know 😅 Don't forget to visit our facebook page on Monday.👍 https://t.co/qjpt6WnR8k

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