Machine Refurbishment

Denford is pleased to offer a Refurbishment / Re-Warranty package, providing a complete Refurbishment with   1 year Warranty for your existing Denford CNC Machine(s) – offering huge savings on the cost of a new machine!

Subject to inspection and approval, we are able to refurbish the following Denford machines: Microrouter Compact, Microrouter V3 & V4 / Pro, Compact 1000 / Pro, Router 2600 / Pro, Novaturn, Novamill / ATC.

The refurbishment package includes:

  • Mechanical/electrical service/inspection
  • Replacement of serviceable items, where necessary
  • Replacement of guards/side windows and new labels fitted
  • Upgrade to Nextmove technology with USB connectivity, where applicable
  • Supply of latest versions of VR Milling V5 and QuickCAM 2D Design for Routers
  • Supply of latest versions of VR Turning and QuickTURN 2D Design for Novaturn
  • One day training course at Denford for 2 people
  • Machines will be cleaned (not repainted)
  • Novaturns and Novamills will be fitted into new cabinets with integral electronics
  • 1 year Warranty


Refurbishments will take place at Denford Limited and will be subject to collection and redelivery charges.

Please contact our Sales Team on 01484 728000 for further details and pricing.

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